HOAC Membership

The membership of HOAC consists of the standing and retired health officers of counties and cities in good standing with respect to HOAC dues.


Services Provided for Membership Dues

HOAC is a membership organization funded by city and county members. Services provided to members include

  1. Reduced rate for our twice yearly sessions to provide public health-related Continuing Medical Education
  2. Tracking of all legislation, and weekly legislative reports on bills pertinent to public health
  3. Updates on the status of the state budget
  4. Special reports on regulatory issues and court decisions impacting the practice of public health at the local level
  5. Provision of technical information to the legislature on the practice of public health at the local level
  6. Sponsorship of legislation on key disease prevention issues related to the public's health
  7. HOAC provides a voice for California's physician health officers on important issues, whether we are participating in a Cal EPA hearing on cap and trade agreements or visiting Congressional offices to ask for the inclusion of public health language in national health care reform legislation




Health Officers Association of California
1100 11th Street #323
Sacramento, CA 95814
916-447-2940 (fax)

Please send questions or comments to Kat Deburgh (deburgh@calhealthofficers.org).