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HOAC has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh and its Public Health Adaptive Systems Studies (PHASYS) to develop and implement the Public Health System Indicators Project. This project is working with local public health departments and cities/counties across California, with the goal of determining better ways to understand and measure our level of emergency and disaster preparedness. This project is in part a follow-up to the 2005-06 HOAC emergency preparedness assessment, and also brings a particular focus on H1N1 influenza and infectious disease outbreaks at this time.

More information is available through PHASYS at

In 2005, HOAC contracted with the California Department of Health Services to develop an extensive tool to assess each county's level of emergency preparedness. By the end of the project, 56 of California's 61 local health jurisdictions participated. After an on-site visit by experienced public health professionals, these jurisdictions received a detailed report outlining strengths and areas needing improvement around public health emergency preparedness.

In May of 2007, HOAC submitted a final report to the state. Click here to view the final report.


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