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HOAC Classic Bill Report, as of January 14, 2019
HOAC Horizontal Bill Report, as of January 14, 2019

2018 Letters to the Legislature


  • AB 11 (McCarty), which would require the inclusion of services for children ages zero to three under the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatments Program. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • AB 1097 (Levine), which would prohibit smoking or disposing of used cigarette waste at state beaches and parks.
  • AB 1754 (McCarty), which would ensure access to early care and pre-education programs to 4-year old children from low-income families.
  • AB 1795 (Gipson), which would give local EMS agencies the authority to allow paramedics to transport patients experiencing a non-emergent mental health crisis or inebriation to alternative destinations that provide more specialized care. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • AB 1871 (Bonta), which would ensure low-income students in public charter schools have daily access to at least one nutritious free or reduced-price school meal. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • AB 1976 (Limon), which would require employers to provide lactation accommodation for employees in a place other than a restroom. 
  • AB 2275 (Arambula), which would require DHCS to implement quality improvement for the reduction of health disparities in Medi-Cal Managed Care plans. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • AB 2914 (Cooley), which would prevent a commercial cannabis licensee from being a licensed retailer of alcohol or tobacco, and also prohibit the sale of alcohol containing cannabis products. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • SB 835 (Glazer), which would prohibit smoking or disposing of used cigarette waste at state parks. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • SB 836 (Glazer), which would prohibit smoking or disposing of used cigarette waste at state beaches. (HOAC Support Letter)
  • SB 945 (Atkins), which would repeal treatment caps of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program, ensuring that uninsured and underinsured women living with breast and cervical cancer receive treatment.
  • SB 1158 (McGuire), which would increase fees for the “Have a Heart, Be a Star, Help Our Kids” license plate program to support state programs that protect the health and safety of children. (HOAC Support Letter)



  • AB 1964 (Maienschein), which would expand the definition of organized camps to include day camps, creating new regulatory responsibilities falling outside the purview of LHD expertise. HOAC requests amendments to limit the role of LHDs to overseeing health and sanitation requirements. (HOAC Joint Oppose Unless Amended Letter)

Other Resources

  • SB 432 Comparison Matrix to show health officer responsibility in various aspects of law related to communicable disease exposure in health care workers


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